A Virtual String Instrument for the Modern Music Producer

Output always impresses and brings a modern touch with their software instruments. Their latest, Analog Strings, is a virtual string instrument for the modern era of music making. The instrument is based around blending two sound sources – users can choose from a variety of Orchestral Sounds, Vintage Synths, or Creative Sources – and an engine built to combine, modify, and mess up string sounds in really interesting ways.


The Output team spared no expense in recording all of their samples – recording both a 22-piece and 60-piece string orchestra at the beautiful BMC Concert Hall in Budapest. All of those harmonics and rich textures are ready for manipulation. Users are also able to choose between close and far mic placement, allowing for a more intimate or more cinematic sound. Within the Orchestral Sound Sources there are also interesting soloist patches that combine recordings of contra bass, cello, viola, and violin. All Vintage Synth Sound Sources were sampled from vintage analog synthesizers. These can be combined with the Orchestral Sounds to hybridize your sound or create something new. The Creative Sound Sources provide an eclectic mix of imaginative sounds like bowed and plucked analog strings, tape echoes, processed guitars, time-stretched samples and more. All of which can add a unique flavor to your sound. Gregg Lehram, founder and CEO of Output, said “We were meticulous in our sampling but then spent months messing it all up to create something new and different.” Check out the intro video to Analog Strings here:


All of these sampled sound sources provide endless options for custom sound design but Output has also included over 500 factory presets that are incredible and can be customized too. The Edit page allows manipulation of amp and pitch ADSR, pan, stereo spread, pitch flutter, and both monophonic and legato modes. The FX page allows for manipulation of filter, EQ, distortion (tube, drive, and lo-fi), compression, delay, and reverb on individual layers or the global FX level. The Rhythm page allows users to add modulation to each layer, with so much control over rhythm, LFO waveform, and step-sequence pattern the possibilities are again endless. Lastly, the Arpeggiator page includes an arp for each sound source, allowing each to be manipulated separately and for different rhythms to interact.


From what I’ve seen from Analog Strings, I am blown away. From the quality of every sample to the intricate levels of customization in sound design and FX this virtual string instrument really does take strings sounds into completely new territory. Check out the Output team throwing down with Analog Strings below, this might just be what you’re looking for to add new life to your productions.





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