CEO and Founder, Beat Lab's head instructor. Yeuda is a producer, performer, and music educator based in Los Angeles, California. He started out his musical career playing the keys and guitar in the 90s.  Then went on to produce hip-hop and soul-influenced music. Two years he became one of the first and few Ableton Certified Trainers in Los Angeles and later founded Beat Lab LA to teach private lessons in advanced electronic music production and performance.



Music producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles, Mike is a co-founder of LA collective Team Supreme and half of the production duo Penthouse Penthouse. Mike has completed a national tour with The Glitch Mob at shows including the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Alongside his own artist projects and jaw-dropping list of VIP private Ableton students, Mike has worked with artists including rapper Vic Mensa, Flea (of RHCP), Blake Sennett (formerly of Rilo Kiley), and Nick Hexum (of 311) amongst others.

He is a professional session musician and writes with artists such as Clams Casino, 12th Planet, Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, Diplo, Alison Wonderland, Busdriver, Nocando, and many more. He co-produced Mad Decent vocalist LIZ Y2K’s 2014 hit ‘Don’t Say’ ft. Tyga, and co-wrote Alison Wonderland's hit single 'U Don't Know'.



Dan is a professional DJ and music producer currently touring the world with his group, Gladiator. They’re a couple of dudes from LA who taught themselves everything they know about music, and are lucky enough to share what they’ve made with the world!

Dan has always had a passion for teaching long before his music career, from kindergarten to camp counseling, all the way to college level courses on production and music history.

He has been teaching Ableton for 5 years, with DJing being closer to 6. Dan has acquired so many little tips and tricks along the way and sees nothing better than to share them with the world.



Thavius is an electronic musician, producer and rapper based in Los Angeles,California. He was a member of the Global Phlowtations collective. He has also put out solo releases under the moniker Adlib. He is a certified trainer of Ableton Live.

Thavius has collaborated with a number of artists such as Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Nas, Subtitle, K-the-I???, Busdriver and Nocando.

Kid Cut Up

KidCutUp is a growing voice in the national DJ conversation. Thru his DJ edits, remixes, and original productions his music has been spread to the masses thru the sets of influential DJs such as DJ Khaled, The Chainsmokers, Diplo, DJ Vice, Z-Trip, and many others. Radio stations across the country have added his song versions to their rotations and mix shows. Some of these include Power 106 LA, 93.5 KDAY LA, Hot 97 NY, Power 96 Miami, Hot 97.5 Las Vegas, 103.5 KISS-FM Chicago, Wild 94.9 San Francisco, 103.7 KISS-FM Milwaukee, 96.9 KISS-FM Dallas and many more. Additionally he has been featured on mix shows for some of these stations including Wild 94.9, Power 106, KDAY and 96.9 KISS-FM. KidCutUp’s presence online is also strong and he has been featured on many blogs including Kanye’s “UniverseCity”, 2DopeBoyz, ThisSongSlaps, EDMSauce and SmashTheClub. Currently KidCutUp is a top remixer and editor at one of the world’s largest record pools, He also continues to keep a full schedule of touring and shows across the country in addition to holding down select residencies in LA.
…catch him soon in a city near you!



Paul Dateh is a musician, host, and educator from Los Angeles, California. His work has been seen by millions on the web, through television, and in print.

Paul has composed and arranged music for a variety of clients including AT&T, Google, Kanye West, Nickelodeon, Sony Ericcson, Miley Cyrus, and L’Oreal/Mizani. He also co-created the score for the short film “NANI”, directed by Justin Tipping. The film was chosen as an official selection of the 2012 Berlin Film Festival.

Currently, Paul is working on a record titled “Invisible World”.


As a versatile keyboard player and colorful arranger, Adrian's style is a concoction of rhythm, blues, electro-funk, and saturated soul. He’s toured internationally, performed and recorded with such shows and artists as Jussie Smollett, Wanya Morris (Boys II Men), MTV Awards Asia, Summer Sonic Fest Tokyo, New Orleans Voodoo Fest, Last Call with Carson Daly, Rove Live Australia, Intergalactix, Plain White T’s, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Lex Sadler, Tim Lefebvre and Panic! at the Disco. He released a self-titled EP The Adrian Hibbs Project in NYC produced by Scotty Hard (Wutang, MMW, Boogie Down Productions) and single “D’tailed” with master drummer James Gadson. His LP E.D.E.N. (Every Day Every Night) was released December 2014 produced by David Ott (Empire, Jussie Smollett) and Taylor Graves (Thundercat, Kimbra) and led Adrian to sign with the U.K.'s Touch Tones Music Group as their first Los Angeles based songwriter.  His musical influences run the gamut from Stevie Wonder, Zapp and Roger, Sly & the Family Stone to Earth Wind & Fire.


Danny Andress is a L.A. based keyboardist, electronic music producer, and educator. His primary musical interests are in electronic music, downtempo, ambient, minimal, glitch, and jazz. In 2013 he received his MFA in Music from UC Irvine on scholarship, and his BA in Music from UC San Diego in 2011, being awarded academic and merit based scholarships for music. He has since taught for numerous schools across southern California, and has worked as keyboardist or music director in several bands. 


Two Plus (aka Emiliano Almeida) Is a producer, DJ, and drummer with a vast studio and live experience. Originally a professional drummer/percussionist by trade, he has recorded, played and toured with artists and bands with a myriad of musical styles. As an electronic producer, he's interested in creating music by using a hybrid approach of combining electronic and acoustic elements.


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Foundation of Music Theory
  • Rhythm Theory
  • Using Semitones and Intervals
  • Diatonic composition
  • Harmonizing and building chords
  • Styling
Learn the language of music to help you make the music you want to make, To communicate with other musicians and reveal the magic behind your favorie songs.
Progremming Beats
  • How Drum Racks work
  • Choosing the right samples
  • How to use Syncopation
  • Layering Techniques
  • Drum Processing methods
Sequence drums in any style using Ableton Live's Drum Racks. Learn tricks and techniques to take your beats to the next level.
Ableton Live 101
  • Why Ableton Live?
  • Session vs. Arrangement
  • Recording & Editing Audio
  • Live's Warp Engine
  • Using & customizing MIDI controllers
Experience the leading software today for modern music production.
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  • History of Sampling
  • Hardware Samplers
  • Simpler vs. Sampler
  • Sampling your own instruments
  • Slicing Samples
Explore the endless world of sampling.
Add organic texture or make it into an instrument
Everything is possible with sampling
Using MIDI Controllers
  • Which Controller Should I Get?
  • Setting Up
  • Expression Controls
  • Advance MIDI Utilities
  • Playing Live Beats
Choose the right MIDI controller for your production/live needs.
Use MIDI remote scritps to enahce your workflow
Learn tricks and tips to customize your controller
Recording & Warping
  • Choosing the right mic
  • Setting up recording session
  • Working with other musicians
  • Time Stretching
  • Live's editing tools
Learn how to setup and record mics and instruments in Ableton Live.
Master the warp engine for syncronizing audio and sound design
Class Jams
  • Play in a band with your computer
  • Try out different instruments and MIDI controllers
  • Improvise on any given scale
  • Develop your ear for melodies, harmonies & Basslines
Play live with your classmates in the first modern ClassJam environment.
Develop collaboration skills, performance focus and improvisation techniques.
Structure & Styling
  • Active Listening
  • Pre-Determined Arrangement Techniques
  • BPM Ranges
  • Song Segments and how to use them
  • Finishing a full song
Get your own sound from analyzing and deconstrucing modern song structures.
Learn different musical genres to help you achive your own unique sound.
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Music Theory 202
  • Parallel Harmony
  • Relative Scales
  • Pentatonic & Blues Scales
  • Jazz in Modern Music
  • Voicing Techniques
  • Borrowd Chords
Progress your composition skills by learning advanced music theory methods.
You will get a deeper understanding of how produce strong harmonies, melodies and arrangements.
Ableton Live 202
  • The Launchbox
  • Modulation Vs. Automation
  • Session View Production Techniques
  • Advance Audio & MIDI Editing
  • Clip Envelopes
Learn advance Ableton techniques to take your production to the next level.
Everything is possible with Ableton Live let your imagination be your guide.
  • Analyzing Electronic vs. Acoustic music
  • Odd Time Signatures
  • Arrangment Styling
  • Sound Selection
  • Deconstructing Methods.
Learn the key characteristic of all popular music styles.
You have a specific style in mind you want to produce? We'll show you all the secrets.
  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Synth Signal Path
  • Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes and LFOs
  • Advance Modulators
  • Reverse Engenieering
Take the sounds in your head and create them in the computer using synthesizers.
Demistify the vast world of virtual synths.
Sound Design
  • Advanced Time Stretching
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Fractal Soundscapes
  • Experiments in Sound
  • Field Recordings
  • The Art of Layering
Develop creative thinking by using multiple techniques to create unique and complex sounds.
Become a sonic master.
  • Ableton Link
  • Class Production Sessions
  • Project Managment
  • Real vs. Virtual instruments
  • Live Performance Routines
  • Rewiring
Collaborate with class mates with in-class synchronization.
Develope the skills needed to productevlly work with other musicians.
  • Choosing The Right Song to Remix
  • Flipping a Sample
  • Remixer Tools
  • Stems and Multi-Tracks
  • Preparing your Original Production for Remixing
Learn the art of remixing from top remixers in the industry.
Take your favorite songs and filp them with your own style.
Live Performance
  • DJing in Ableton Live
  • Preparing your Songs for Live Performance
  • Playing with a Band
  • Live Looping
  • DIY Controllers
Use the computer as a live musical performance tool.
DJ or play your own orgianls in any way you can imagine.
Max for Live
  • Max for Live Essentials
  • Modifying Exciting Devices
  • Creating your own Devices
  • Ableton as a Modular Environment
  • Live's API
  • VJing using Jitter
Explore the infinite potenital of Cycling 74's and Ableton's Max for Live.
Control Live in ways that weren't possible before.
Anything is possible with Max for Live
  • Win the Loudness Wars
  • Mastering Song vs. Album
  • Prepering Your Music for Distribution
  • Understanding the importance of Dynamic Range
Master your songs to sound as good as possible on as many playback systems as possible.
Learn the secrets on how to make your songs loud and punchy.
Finger Drumming
  • Choosing the Right Controller
  • Sound Design for Live Performance
  • Building Custom Racks
  • Using DIY Controllers
  • Planning your Controller's Configuration
Humanize your production or impress your audience on stage.
Build your own sound packs and develope your live performace skill with finger drumming.
Live Looping
  • Hardware Looping
  • Using Live's Looper
  • Live Looping in the Session View
  • Automatic Loop Recording using MIDI Scripts
  • Setup and Routing
Master the art of live looping with virtual instruments, conventional instruments and mics.
Come up with quick musical ideas, build your songs live on stage.
Online Presence
  • Social Media
  • How to Reach Out to Labels
  • Booking Shows
  • Getting Signed
  • Getting more Followers
  • Making a Music Video
Develop your artist brand and get your music heard by the right people.
Book shows, tours and festivals.
Find the right label and make music your career.
Entertainment Law
  • Clearing Samples
  • Commercial vs. Indie Distribution
  • Getting your music on TV and Film
  • Working with a Manager
  • Copyright your Music
  • Performance Rights
Understand the legallty behind the music industry.
Get the most out of your shows and releases. Maximize income streams.
Distribute your music the right way.
Production Sessions
  • Class Jams
  • Live Routines Assignments
  • Additive Composition
  • Produce other Classmates
  • Online Collaboration Methods
  • Musical Chairs
Collaborate in class.
Get private mentorship sessions from Beat Lab's instructors
Learn how to add part of yourself creatively to an exciting song.
  • Understanding How Sound Work
  • Gain Staging
  • Controlling the Stereo Field
  • Using Compressor & EQs
  • Using Time Based Effects
  • Bussing and Pre-Mastering
Master the art of sound mixing.
Make your music sound more clear, punchy and loud.
Learn the techniques and tools to help you take your music to the next level.
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